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Some Things I CURATED, I designed, or i HELP PRODUCED

Deputy Directory: 

Art Fair 14C

Art Fair 14C is a non profit (501c3) mission based, international art fair with a goal to strengthen & support art in New Jersey. In our 2nd edition, we exhibited over 300+ artists and galleries, and had 3000+ attendees. I have been with the fair since its inception, and wear quite a few hats but focus on exhibitor relations, sponsor correspondence, branding and visual identity, & I am involved in the general development of the fair. Want to know more? Check out this beautiful website!

Curator & Grant Specialist:

Apple Tree House

I am the curator & grant writer the The Apple Tree House, managed by Office of Cultural Affairs. I coordinate all free, public events, including scholarly lectures, archival exhibitions & cultural events. I manage a long term project to develop a museum-going experience based on oral histories & curate acquisitions of historical furniture & material culture (featured in the NYTimes!)

HQ Coordinator & Curator, Jersey City Art & Studio Tour

I was the lead coordinator and part of a three person curation team to bring to life a 16,000 sq ft. industrial space for the headquarters of JCAST, Jersey City's annual Art & Studio Tour which attracts over 30,000 people a year. 

Want to know more about this awesome event? Visit the website: