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Recent Publications

The Production of the Traveling Public: Rest Stop Interior Design 1950–1970

Book Chapter, Interior Design on Edge: History, Theory, Praxis. Routledge, April 2024. 

Eds. Erica Morawski, Deborah Schneiderman, Keena Suh, Karin Tehve, Karyn Zieve. 


Review: In the Midst of Things: The Social Lives of Objects in the Public Spaces of New York City

Book Review, Winterthur PortfolioUniversity of Chicago, Vol. 57, No.2-3, Winter 2023-2024. 

5049 Miles on the Turnpike

Dense Editor Gretchen Von Koenig considers the everyday design of rest stops and their subtle power to distribute assumptions about people and place.



Metropolis Magazine 

Peter Zellner’s Architecture School: No Tuition & a Radical Curriculum

The architect and instructor believes his tuition-less school will bring more experimental ideas into the world—but could it sabotage students' futures?

At Cooper Hewitt, Socially Responsible Design Takes Center Stage

While it may be eclectic in its curation, By the People sets a strong precedent for other design museums—hopefully, they will follow its lead.

“Baltimore Is a Blank Slate,” and That Makes It Ripe for Design

So says Leslie Speer, the head of MICA's new product design program.

The New School’s New Hire Asserts Design’s Role in the Refugee Crisis

Alex Aleinikoff, incoming director of the Zolberg Institute of Migration and Mobility at the New School for Social Resource, hopes to bring together the worlds of social research and design.

Get Licensed While in Architecture School? Deans Weigh in

NCARB's Integrated Path to Architectural Licensure (IPAL) aims to shorten the road to licensure. Five school heads discuss how it's changing architectural education.

RIT Spearheads Program to Attract Deaf Students to Technical Design

We speak to the leaders of a new program at Rochester Institute of Technology that is focused on educating deaf and hard-of-hearing students.

How Well Does Your Architecture Firm Treat You?

JustDesign.Us, a new certification system powered by an employee questionnaire, hopes to spotlight those architectural studios that are taking equitable labor practices seriously.

A Wright for Our Time

The head of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation argues that the famous architect's built legacy and concepts are surprisingly in step with today's world.

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